About Me

Hi there. I am Leo Joseph David Ridgwell.
My motto is Creativity and Possibilities with Technology.
I spend my spare time working on mini projects and watching technology videos.

Currently working as a Junior Software Engineer at CGI

My Story

I built my first PC when I was 5. After leaving school, I went to college and left in 2018 with a D* / D* / D*. I workee for 2.5 years in Cyber Security before I decided to go to Uni. I graduated in 2023 with a 2:1 in Computter Science from Coventry University. I am now currently working at a Junior Software Engineer at CGI. 

My Story


Built my first pc when I was 5


Finish school and start College


Leave college with D*/D*/D*


Get a job and work for 2.5 years


Graduated Uni with 2:1


Junior Software Engineer at CGI


  • Programming
  • Cyber Security
  • Technology Fundamentals

Optimizing Businesses of Every Kind, Every Size. Are You Next?


My 3 Steps Approach

1. Organise
2. Focus
3. Complete

I will always look at the work in hand and immediately start to organise everything. I find this to be really helpful for me and it allows me the chance to ask about any parts of the work I don’t understand. One of my biggest weaknesses is how I am a perfectionist and I really like my work to be perfect. As part of my course at university, I had to build a bot and due to the time constraints, there was certain features that I could not implement.

Due to my Asperges and ADHD, the next way I approach the work is to focus on the work. This can be quite hard as I can struggle to focus on the work or maintain attention at the start. However, once I manage to focus, I will power on with my work producing some amazing results. This is known as Hyper focus and it can be both a blessing and a curse.

My last way to approach the work is to complete it to the standard and quality set by the business. This will maintain a good business reputation and ensure that customer satisfaction are maintained which are critical within a business.


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